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 24 December is a typical work life balance day.  Excitement abound as we await the magical moment to spend the afternoon
at the bosses' house for our X'mas family day celebration.

As always, food is never compromised.  To add to the family bonding of sharing and giving, there was a gift exchange programme.  

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Alliance 21 is never short of talent.  Murali who was the master of ceremony for the day also treated everyone to his magic show- very impressive.  And stand-up comedy was performed by Bessie and Andy Lee, whose infe ctious laughs were enough to keep everyone in the right spirit. xmas2012 5
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Amidst this merriment lies the compassion that is trademark of Alliance 21.  We were thinking of the give-back programme in support of the St. Joseph's Home.  An auction of gifts was initiated to raise funds for the donation to this Home.  Monies collected at this auction was kindly matched dollar for dollar by Orson - an auspicious amount of $818.  
There was also a Guess the number of candies in a jar and Bingo to generate additional funds.  Total raised was $1652. 

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