A21 "Kick Off"- 19th June 20121

2This special day was celebrated by directions setting for the new financial year, a new t-shirt design and punctuated with the announcement of the Specialist of the Year award for 2012. Of mention are the 6 nominees – Angie Tan, Ishmam bin Jalil, Yusoff Bakar, Leslie Garcia, Shakira Abu Bakar and Chris Heng but congratulations to Leslie for being this year's Specialist

This year also coincided with the 10th anniversary of Alliance 21. Reminiscing the good old times, Ben reca3lled Carol to 4be the very first employee of the Company followed by Angie and Alvin. Congratulations to all the long service staff. They each received a specially crafted long service memento in the shape of a triangle with a diamond inlaid.

Fathers were not left out. In celebration of Father's Day over the weekend, all fathers were given a token of appreciation for their excellent coping with work life balance and raising beautiful families.5

Thank you very much for being a part of the A21 family. I can just sense Ben's heart-felt gratitude for your unconditional efforts in charting the success of this Company.

So here's to the next 10 years. With your dedication and commitment, we will ride the next wave of expansion.