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Alliance 21 is a local forwarder with a global vision for internationalisation through strategic partnerships overseas.  We are trade lane specialists that offer timely and accurate information on global forwarding, customs regulations and cargo handling procedures with the following focus in business development: 

An agent’s agent. It is our desire to enter into strategic sales partnerships to develop traffic business into Singapore to the fullest extent. A21 offers worldwide consolidation services from more than 50 major cities into Singapore. We maintain a 24 hour break-bulk service to ensure prompt redistribution of cargo to various part of the island. Urgent cargo can be delivered to the doorstep of the consignee within 8 hours after the flight has landed in Singapore.

Leveraging on an extensive worldwide agency network, A21 seeks to maintain in the fore-front of the industry by providing a personalized and trusted service of relaying cargo door-to-door transnationally. We work with small and medium sized enterprises to reposition their logistics hub globally, creates a broad range of value added services and capabilities beyond the traditional freight forwarding activities.  

In line with the Singapore Government’s plan of continual investment in developing a first class airport and seaport,  transhipment has been identified as a major growth segment. This intermodal transshipment which is a combination of shipping by air and sea offers an efficient mode of transportation where it makes the best use of cost, time and connectivity. Since A21 can exploit the economics of scale, our list of clienteles which include perishables, now enjoy transporting their products at reduced cost. 

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Harriet Ng

Regional Marketing Manager 
Regional Marketing Desk

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