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Our Vision

As we continue to strive to maintain our high standards in customer services, we work with the Small and Medium–sized Enterprises to develop logistics hubs in Singapore and Worldwide by creating a broad range of value added services and capabilities beyond the traditional freight forwarding activities in the 21st century.


Our Mission – The World

Our Passion – To Serve Beyond Excellence


ben2Welcome to the Alliance 21 Group of Companies.  Founded in 12 February 2002, the CEO, Mr Benjamin Ong is the driving force behind
Alliance 21 Pte Ltd, which handles air freight business in Singapore. A charismatic and aspiring leader, a visionary by nature, Mr Benjamin Ong led his team and broke away from the conventional freight forwarding by offering specialised logistics solutions to customers. Our single mindedness to excel in what we do best, has made us one of the top producing agents to many airlines annually, and has also garnered accolades of The Emerging Enterprise Award in 2010, and The Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2012.

AlvinAlliance 21 Pte Ltd's
principal business is airfreight.  The characteristics of airfreight is that of time criticality, and hence it is by design that over the years, Alliance 21 has become an authority in Aviation Logistics handling aircraft engine moves, AOG management and aircraft parts bank.  Our other business niches are that of handling Perishables, Fresh and Live, Special Events cargo - all of which come under the purview of Alvin Ong, Director and Head of Sales, Special Products Desk.



A21 Logistics Pte Ltd, set up in 2007, was conceived out of the necessity to provide logistical support to Alliance 21 with natural progression into transportation and warehousing logistics, and also to complement the sea freight.  With primary accountability to the Group, it now also supports the Group's overall international inbound businesses.  Our position within the free trade zone of the Changi Airfreight Centre poises us perfectly for bonded warehousing facilities for onward distribution, re-packing and value adding propositions. Headed by Angie Tan, Director & Senior Manager, Operations.


Alliance 21 Group fully understands the needs and seeks satisfaction of our customers as personal gratification. We deliver confidently on our tag-line "where every member is a S P E C I A L I S T"